2023  Mason up Winners 

Meersbrook Bowling Club 'A'

Back Row- Peter Tomlinson, Ian Christopherson, Aaron Williams, Andrew Whitaker, Jack Clarke, Matthew Whitaker.

Front Row- Neil Fletcher, Dillon Christopherson, Gary Ainley

  Ryan Clark.

2022  Mason up Winners 

Meersbrook Bowling Club 'A'

Back Row- James Higgins, Andrew Whitaker, Richard Atkin, Dean Missere, Dillon Christopherson, Ian Christopherson, Ryan Clark

Front Row- Matthew Whitaker, Aaron Williams, Andrew Sorsby  Jack Clarke.

Past Winners


1987    Highgate / Dearne beat Millhouses Park  140-131. 

              Played at Laycock Sports. Sheffield

1988    Millhouses Park 'A' beat Hillsborough Pk 147-144. 

              Played at Laycock Sports. Sheffield

1989    Hillsborough Park 'A' beat Green Oak Pk 167-119. 

               Played at Penistone B.C. Sheffield

1990    Green Oak Park   beat Highgate B.C.    157-151. 

              Played at Swinden House. Rotherham

1991    Hillsborough Pk 'A' beat Woodlands Pk  161-115. 

              Played at Bentley Colliery. Doncaster

1992    Barnsley C&A.C. 'A' beat Hillsboro Pk 144-142. 

             Played at Phoenix B.C. Rotherham

1993    Meersbrook B.C.  beat Green Oak Pk 148-128. 

              Played at Wadsley House B.C. Sheffield

1994    Mitchell & Darfield beat Millhouses Pk 'A' 163-125.

             Played at Barnsley C & A.C. B.C. Barnsley

1995    Kiveton Park beat Meersbrook B.C. 'A'  158-100.

             Played at Penistone B.C. Sheffield

1996     Millhouses Park 'A' beat Bentley Coll ‘A’ 146-144. 

              Played at Tankersley B.C. Barnsley

1997     Meersbrook B.C. beat Swinton Welfare 146-134. 

              Played at Silkstone Lodge B.C. Barnsley

1998     Swinton Pk Vw beat Whiteley Woods ‘A’ 148-139. 

              Played at Silkstone Lodge B.C. Barnsley

1999     Millhouses Park ‘A’   beat Bradfield      153–114. 

              Played at Silkstone Lodge B.C. Barnsley       

2000     Millhouses Park ‘A’ beat Whiteley Woods 148–137. 

              Played at Silkstone Lodge B.C. Barnsley

2001     Meersbrook B.C.  beat Dearne Sports     167-126. 

               Played at Roundwood B.C. Rotherham       

2002      Millhouses Park ‘A’ beat Whiteley Woods 166–133. 

               Played at Barnsley B.C. Barnsley

2003      Meersbrook B.C.  beat Dearne Sports     150-132. 

                Played at Barnsley B.C. Barnsley       

2004      Millhouses Park ‘A’ beat Meersbrook B.C.  150-141. 

               Played at Wadsley House B.C. Sheffield

2005      Meersbrook B.C. beat Bradfield B.C.     143-133.

               Played at Mitchell & Darfield B.C. Barnsley

2006     Meersbrook  B.C  beat Dearne Sports  B.C.     144-135.

             Played at SwintonPark View, Swinton, Rotherham

2007    Meersbrook B.C. beat Crookesmoor Rec           159-146.

            Played at Barnsley B.C. Barnsley

2008    Dearne Sports B.C. ‘A’ beat Meersbrook B.C. ‘A’  143-141. 

            Played at Hoylandswaine Sports B.C.  Hoylandswaine

2009     Crookesmoor Rec B.C. ‘A’ beat Bradfield B.C. 152 - 150 

             Played at Penistone B.C. Sheffield

2010    Meersbrook B.C. ‘A’ beat Dearne Sports ‘A’   155-128.

            Played at Hoylandswaine Sports B.C.  Hoylandswaine 

2011    Meersbrook B.C. ‘A’ beat Bradfield B.C. 163 - 144

              Played at Silkstone Lodge B.C. Barnsley

2012     Maltby B.C. beat Dearne Sports  138 – 127

              Played at Kings B.C. Rotherham

2013     Meersbrook B.C ‘A’. beat Dearne Sports  151 – 138

              Played at Swallownest B.C. Rotherham

2014    Bradfield beat Millhouses Park ‘A’  168 - 105. 

             Played at Mosborough MW. Sheffield

2015   Meersbrook Park beat Meersbrook B.C. ‘A’  154-131. 

            Played at Wadsley House  B.C. Sheffield

2016    Meersbrook B.C ‘A’. beat Westfield Park  138 – 131

             Played at Swinton LNER B.C. Rotherham

2017    Meersbrook B.C ‘A’. beat Woodlands Park  149 – 132

             Played at Swinton Crookes SC. Sheffield

2018    Bradfield 'A' beat Meersbrook Park   154 - 128. 

              Played at Sugdens BC. Barnsley

2019    Bradfield 'A' beat Bradfield 'B'   166 - 138. 

              Played at Bawtry  BC. Doncaster

2020    No Competition

2021    Dearne Sports B.C. ‘A’ beat Meersbrook Park  156-117 

            Played at Marquis  B.C. Rotherham

2022    Meersbrook B.C. ‘A’ beat Bradfield 'A' 163 - 120

             Played at Bradway B.C. Sheffield

2023      Meersbrook B.C. ‘A’ Dearne Sports 143 - 139

             Played at Barnsley B.C. Barnsley


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